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One of our ministry teams on a trip

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An area we bought that's about to become a home for some precious orphans...

One of the orphan camps we worked with - these kids are loved!



Here is the list of all of our ministries.  Thank you so much for visiting and seeing all that God does across the many souls are ready for Him and we love ministering to them for His glory, and the effect of changing lives!


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Four New Testaments are distributed for every dollar contributed. Each New Testament touches at least 15 lives.



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Around the world children are being abandoned, falling through the cracks of a political safety net, the most precious commodity of our societies is being abandoned and broken.  In the Former Soviet Union is our most glaring example.  Tens of thousands of children are left in urban cities with the promise that their parents would soon return only to be left alone to fend for themselves. You can imagine their trauma, sense of rejection and brokenness.  We have personally seen eight year olds taking care of two year olds.  These nations are not in the Tropics.  With temperatures ranging in the winter from minus -20 F to -minus -50 F.  Children crawl into the sewers where hugging a hot water pipe can make the difference between life and death for these little ones. 


Impact Ministries International using hundreds of volunteers from local churches is making an eternal difference.  Not only are we conducting feeding programs through the local church daily but de-licing, providing overnight shelters and showers and rehabilitation centers which wean them off of drugs, separate them from the gangs that maraud in the streets and found them in the FAITH OF JESUS CHRIST.  After they are stabilized, they are grafted into local Church Bodies, foster homes and Christian orphanages.  Jesus said, 'If you have ministered to these, the least of His little ones, you have ministered directly to Christ'. 


With a Federal Orphanage system that is totally bankrupt, children are dumped on the streets at age 16 with the clothing on their back and the equivalent of five dollars in their local currency in their pocket.  One out of every five street children commit suicide within two years of their release from orphanages or the "Internot" (Political orphanages).  Two out of every five wind up in prison for stealing or other more violent crimes.  One out five are a health burden, due to diseases they have contracted either while in the orphanages or on the streets.  One out of five makes a living because of outside assistance from family, friends or the Church. 


We at Impact Ministries International desire to dramatically change these numbers because after all, these are not "NUMBERS" BUT THESE ARE PRECIOUS SOULS for whom Jesus died.  With a little bit of vocational training, a lot of TLC (Tender Loving Care), and the covering and caring of a local church, we have seen these precious lives turn around and become participants and productive in their society as doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, housewives, and factory workers.  All they need is someone to believe in them and tangibly show that they care.  


For $30.00 a month, or less than one dollar a day, our volunteers make sure that needy children are provided for with school supplies, warm clothing in the winter, food on regular and large distribution schedules, medical examinations, as well as vocational training, FRIENDSHIP and HOPE.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of CHILDREN IN CRISIS across the eleven time zones of the Former Soviet Union awaiting our response.  The indigenous Church supply the hands to volunteer, but we at Impact Ministries supply the products and God supplies the grace.  By this we partner together.  Our funds with the churches fervencies provide an investment in lives for time and eternity.    


Thank you for partnering with us to the nations in giving hope to this generation


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Our churches in the Far East have planted several new churches among the Chinese communities and have strategically involved themselves in distributing Scriptures through the back door of Siberia and the Islamic Republics into China.  We at Impact Ministries International have access to full study Chinese, hard bound Bibles for $3.00 each or we still have continued access for Chinese New Testaments, plus Psalms & Proverbs for .25 cents each.  It is crucial that we get a large supply of Scriptures into China before the August, Olympic Games in Beijing.  We have information that would indicate a massive closure to church access, Bible production and Western involvement immediately after the Olympic Games.  These two purge campaigns by the Communist Regime are titled: "TYPHOON 5" and "TYPHOON 6".  "TYPHOON 5" is in full force which is the capturing and imprisoning house cell group leaders which make up 75% of the Chinese Christian Church.  "TYPHOON 6" will not be initiated until after the Olympic Games.  It is rumored that even foreigners teaching English as a second language will be expelled out of China after the Olympics.  While we still have access to being able to deliver up to 300,000 Chinese New Testaments at a time, we at Impact Ministries want to exclusively focus on these God-given OPPORTUNITIES.  Psalms 119: 132 "The entering in of His Word gives Light".  John declares, "They shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set them free."  Through the Word and our prayers, we are reshaping Spiritual Geography in Mainland China and throughout all of Asia. 


We need help to make major purchases of these Scriptures in the upcoming days and weeks.  Should you desire to help us at Impact Ministries with "Operation Pearl" Project, your giving couldn't come at a more God Given Hour and Season in the History of China.  Thank you for your Sacrificial giving in the past, your prayers for the present and we are trusting God for your partnering with us for the future of millions to be affected for Eternity.


Click to view our "China Cry - Precious Pearls" Article.


Click to view our "China Cry - Operation Pearl" Article.



Church Planting Back to Top

New churches receive pastoral, evangelistic, and ministry team support for one year. These churches also receive PA systems, microphones, and New Testaments.



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Evangelistic crusades organized by Ukrainian and Russian evangelistic teams. Crusades also include discipleship training for new converts and personal linking to the local church.



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Several short years ago, Sara was invited to a Mexican Woman's Conference, hosted by the Methodist Churches in Monterrey, Mexico.  When she was asked if she could speak to the pastors and bishop of the Methodist Movement as well as the ladies, Sara was overwhelmed.  That is when she requested her husband, Richard to join her.  This began a venture and new chapter in missions and ministry for us that we never anticipated nor did we see it coming. 


At the airport when Ruth and Ignacio picked us up in a church van, they asked us permission to pray over us.  Their prayer within minutes transitioned to prophecy.  We had not yet left the parking lot of the airport and due to traffic, it took us 45 minutes to get to the hotel conference center.  For the full 45 minutes, the prophetic word of God flowed and God personally read our mail.  Sara and I wept as we heard line upon line what we had offered privately in prayer, was now being echoed by the Holy Spirit, in the same order of priority that we had placed upon those prayer requests.


Upon arriving at the hotel, we didn't need handkerchiefs, we needed "mops" for the profused flow of tears that had fallen from our eyes.  Ruth said, "There is one more thing."  My response was, "I don't think we can handle one more thing."  Hearing me and yet ignoring me, she proceeded to tell us a story that changed our lives.  She said, "My father was a missionary in Chapas, the poorest area in Mexico, among the Indians near the Guatemalan border.  Here, he saw a vision forty five years ago and these are his exact words, "In the END OF DAYS a missionary couple from Russia will come to Mexico.  She is Russian, Jewish and he is Polish, German with blue eyes and God will use this couple to be an agent of stirring revival in many of the churches in Mexico, taking teams from Mexico to the ends of the Earth."'  I will never forget sister Ruth's finger pointing back to my seat and saying, "Richard & Sara, you are the fulfillment of that prophetic word to my father." 


My mind began to spin, thinking if this happened forty five years ago, I would have been just a boy of age 12 and Sara would have been 8 years old, still living in China.  God has been so faithful to us over the years and we are today seeing this word come to pass. 


God has given Sara and I a baptism of love for the Latino's like we have shared with the Slavic people for over thirty seven years.  God has made us a mother and father in "Israel" to these precious ones.  We have taken some of them already on mission's trip to Ukraine and have many more trips planned together for the future.


We are printing some of our books in Spanish and are being warmly received in numerous denominations and Fellowships across the entirety of Mexico.  A land where men are "Macho" but God is melting them to the degree that some nights you almost need to mop up the floors in the services for brokenness and tears of calling to missions and being called away from their sins.  Their pastors tell us that they have never seen this kind of brokenness in this magnitude before.  This phenomena is God's doing and not our own.


What touches the heart of Sara and I the most is seeing a breath of the Holy Spirit come upon a younger generation of children, teens, high school and college youth.  God is touching them so mightily in the services where we have been ministering that they are seeing visions and receiving mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit, receiving powerful healings and most of all being called of God to a higher realm of holiness and service in God's Kingdom.  


While in Mexico a few months ago, we had Missions Congress with the Kings Castle Denomination where we shared 34 times in 14 days.  The prophetic Word that came to my heart is that, "No longer will Mexico play second fiddle in Latin America, no longer will it be said that God is moving in Argentina or Brazil, but God is moving in Mexico, and Mexico is moving in response to God to the ends of the Earth." 


Pray with us for a HARVEST AMONG THE NATIONS as we go to Panama in March for ministry and return to Mexico in April and May.  Without God we can do nothing!



Orphanages & Humanitarian Aid Back to Top



Humanitarian aid, distribution of medical supplies and food containers provided via U.S. AID. Pasta and bread making programs funded and run by the indigenous church to feed prisoners and orphans.



Project of the Month Back to Top


Even as we speak, a forty-foot container is being finalized for shipping to the Ukraine.  Its vital contents is valued at over a quarter million dollars in medical supplies, food relief, vitamins and new clothing apparel for children in orphanages and the poor in needy.


This will be followed by a second container as soon as our volunteer labors from the Russian Church in Bellingham finish loading it.  Its primary contents will be dehydrated soup in 55 gallon drums; each drum capable of producing 7,000 liters of soup.  It will also be accompanied with children's back packs, targeting orphanages and possibly a shipment of 6,000 pairs of new boots donated by a warehouse in Texas.


The shipping on the high-seas is covered by U.S. Aid Fund, but the transportation within the Ukraine, loading and unloading the goods, repackaging and distribution to the point of need, all has to be covered by Impact Ministries and New Manna Ministries.  Our staff and volunteers often take a short leave of absence from work to do these labor intensive projects.  Supporting our staff and their immediate family during these times of sacrifice becomes very important in that some of them come from large families themselves and can't afford the time off from work.


The PROJECT OF THE MONTH IS FEEDING THE CHILDREN AND GIVING THEM GIFTS IN THE NAME OF THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST.  These gift packets open a door for our churches to make return visits to these government run orphanages, bringing in, in many areas a weekly Sunday School Program and continuous visitation and participation from believers in our Fellowships.   


Staff support is so vital in these early weeks of the New Year.  Christmas in the Ukraine and Russia just finished, January 14th and New Year Celebration will be at the end of January.  These are crucial times when the Church needs to make its presence known to the community.  Any offering you send to IMPACT MINISTRIES and mark it on the memo line: "FOR STAFF SUPPORT" will immensely help us in these vital outreaches.


Sara and I are also looking for additional monthly support in that our budget has short fallen by 50% over the last few years.  Please help us as we support and help others.



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We work with the Palace of Culture in Perm with Pastor Edik.  They have established 346 churches in Russia, Siberia, Islamic Republics, Afghanistan and China within the last 15 years since Perestroika.  They have a Bible School with approximately 165 students who after two years of training are sent to a new church plant, most of the time.  Impact Ministries works in conjunction with The New Testament Church in Perm with Pastor Edik with church planting, purchasing Bibles, New Testaments for China and Russia; as well as with many orphanages in the Perm Region.


Impact Ministries International, together with New Manna Ministries, their affiliate ministry has their own orphanage in Perm, Russia, not to mention they conduct a camp for the orphans and poor, needy children that usually lasts for several weeks at a time during the summer months.  Every year, they have seen over 400 children at these camps, not only dedicate their lives to Christ, but these children are changed, loved and helped in many ways.



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  • More information to follow...Africa is on our list of where God is leading next!

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