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Richard Michalski

Richard Michalski - Biography


Richard Michalski, born of a German mother and Polish father in a displaced, person's camp in North Germany, came to the United States in January, 1951. The Michalski's moved to Seattle, Washington as they had no living relatives anywhere else in the United States and their sponsors resided there.


Upon completion of high school in Seattle, Richard went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts degree in a four-year schooling at Northwest College in Kirkland, Washington. Here, he majored in missions and minored in Bible.


In August l971,he married Sara who comes from a Russian, Ukrainian and Jewish ethnic heritage. Sara was born in Kuldja, Red China, as her parents had escaped from Russia to live in China for 25 years. They immigrated out of China in 1959, resided in Australia before immigrating into the United States via San Francisco, California and later Seattle.


Upon marrying, Richard and Sara returned back to the Communist Block to minister in nations where their parents had once fled. For more than thirty-seven years, this couple has ministered extensively throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Siberia and the Far East, where they have seen multiplied thousands of decisions for Christ, including tens of thousands of Muslims. They have augmented their extensive work of Impact Ministries in a three point focus: Advanced Leadership Training, Bibles and Benevolence, Children in Crisis and Church Planting, primarily to the eighteen Republics of the Former Soviet Union in the capacity of Missionary/Evangelists.


Impact Ministries International has its early roots going back to 1947 in the war camps of Europe. There, thousands were saved and called into His service for the millions of their own nationality. This quiet, behind the scenes work, with 95% of its contacts living in Eastern Europe; now come to you as products of the mission field. Richard and Sara have first hand, exciting accounts of God's dealings in the Soviet lands and is coming to your area and church.


May God richly bless your soul, your church and your community through their anointed and compassionate ministry.  When you have heard their challenge and shared their sorrows and joys, you'll never be quite the same again!


For a .pdf version of Richard and Sara's Biography, click here.


For Richard Michalski's Resume, click here.


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