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The Michalski's

Meet The Michalski's



Richard and Sara are children of Polish and Russian World War II refugees. This heritage coupled with Godís calling gave them a passion to penetrate the Iron Curtain and begin an evangelistic ministry.


As American citizens during the time of the cold war, the Michalskiís had the unique advantage of a Slavic background, allowing them entrance into these closed lands. During this time of spiritual oppression the Michalskiís brought to America victorious reports of Godís work. Though Eastern Europe has endured a long list of governmental and cultural changes, the Michalskiís have remained committed to their calling and the privilege of sharing Godís truth with the Slavic people.


God has blessed us with four children, three boys and one girl.  They are in order of their birth, Jeremy, Leah, Jonathan and Jason.  Jonathan is married to Heather Grever from Idaho and we are expecting our first grand-daughter in March 2008.  They are naming her 'Grace Elizabeth'.  As grandparents, we can hardly wait to spoil her rotten.  Jason, our youngest son married Rachael Schober in September of 2007 and we are still believing God for announcements of engagements and marriage in Jeremy and Leah's life. 

Sara and I have always asked God for three things in our children's lives.  First, that they would serve God; second, that they would be healthy and third, they would have spouses that loved the Lord and loved them.  We feel that God has given us all we have asked for and more to come.  All our children with their spouses love God with their whole heart and have passionately been involved in missions from their earliest years.  Each are gifted with unique talents and abilities which God has so graciously given and they are all pursuing fulfilling their divine destiny. 

Thank you for your prayers and covering that provide security and grace upon us and upon our children and upon their children to come.



The Lopienskiís


Jesse and Ruth and their family come from a rich Slavic heritage. Jesse, born in Poland, found the Lord in a Russian underground meeting in 1975. Being called of God, Jesse served as a youth pastor in Krakow, Poland for several years. Later, Jesse served on staff with the Russian Missionary Church in Seattle, Washington.


Ruth came to Christ at an early age, and had been called to an anointed music ministry. Her music has blessed thousands overseas and at home in both the Russian and English languages.


Today, Jesse & Ruth are living in Canada and are ministering in Eastern Europe and to the Slavic people throughout the United States and Canada.



Just the Facts on what we've been doing:

  • Planted literally hundreds of Churches

  • Purchased, printed, and distributed millions of New Testaments

  • Taught thousands of ministerial students themes of Evangelism and Church planting.

  • Held Crusades, Conferences, and Church meetings in most major areas of the Soviet Blok for over 30 years.

  • Sent and distributed hundreds of containers of medical supplies, vitamins, food, shoes, and clothing.

  • Built orphanages, churches, and Bible camps in numerous Eastern European countries.

  • Reached thousands of people in overlooked people groups like Komi, Permyk, Tartars, Evani, and Chutka.

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